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Elya Lane



  • Corra Health App
  • NinjAcademy LLC
  • California Rose Designs
  • Enlightened Learning Tutoring and Art Center
  • LinkedIn Profile

My name is Elya Lane and I am what some would call a serial entrepreneur. My greatest passion is identifying a need and creating a business to meet that need. I love empowering individuals to overcome their fears in pursuit of their ambitions. Woven throughout all my aspirations is the desire to uplift and support my community. Personally, I have started two local brick and mortar businesses, a consulting business, an online boutique, and an international app. Locally, I've created a tutoring center and athletics program which both serve the youth in our community. Internationally, I've launched The Corra App which offers a proprietary A.I. algorithm designed to partner with those struggling with various health ailments and provide them support and insight into their unique health struggles.

Beyond my personal businesses, I've also worked in a consulting capacity helping those looking to create their own small business. I have a passion for helping people realize their dreams. Whether I am speaking to a 4yr old student or a seasoned business professional, most people I encounter have not tapped into their extensive potential. I believe that if we take the time to inspire confidence in others, we will see a revitalization in our communities and in our nation. Whether I am teaching a middle schooler math, coaching a 1st grader through a new obstacle, or consulting with an entrepreneur on their new business venture, I want them to leave our interaction with the courage to pursue their next goal.







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